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Sell My Crypto For Cash


Sell Your Bitcoin for Cash with Paxful

Here’s How to Sell Your Bitcoin For Cash on Paxful Here:

We make selling your crypto simple and streamlined. As a vendor, you are able to set your own prices. And with 300 different ways of getting paid for your Bitcoin, you will easily find one that works for you. Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or you’ve been HODLing since 2013, this peer-to-peer system boasts three million users and is growing. With so many users, finding buyers for your crypto has been made easier.

To put your crypto on the marketplace, simply log into your account or create a new one on the site.

Set your limits – Select the payment you’d like to receive — and the max Bitcoin you are able to sell at this time on Paxful. Add your location and the currency you prefer. After you’re finished, search for online offers. You should see a multitude of options that align with your needs.

Look at offers – Carefully peruse all of the information about potential buyers. Review their level, reputation, name, and rate per BTC. When you feel as though you’ve found the best offer, click on Sell. At this point, you will see the rules that have been established by the purchaser.

Initiate your trade – If the purchaser’s terms are agreeable to you, simply input the amount you’d like to authorize and then click Sell Now. At this point, you will see an open chat, and your BTC will be moved o escrow. Follow the instructions and wait for your purchaser to pay. As soon as you are paid, release the BTC. After the transaction, you can access a receipt.

Give feedback – Leave a review for the person you’ve traded with so they can build their reputation on the platform.

Is Paxful Legit?

If you have questions, watch the video guide. Learn how to sell Bitcoin quickly.

With a peer-to-peer system that has become the standard of the crypto community — secured by an escrow process — it’s no surprise that this platform is popular across the world to sell my crypto for cash.